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These are the top iPhone apps that you can download for free in 2021

These are the best productivity apps available for iPhone

These are our favorite free iPhone apps to be more productive with reminders. To-do lists. Flashcards. Timers. Keyboards. Conversion aids.

Cloud Battery

The Cloud battery is an iPhone battery tracking tool. Apple’s battery widget allows you to keep an eye on your iPhone or Apple Watch. But Cloud Battery thinks larger. You can install the app on other devices, including iPads and Macs, and use cloud sync for information about their power levels.

All of the app’s functionality is included for free. This includes an Apple Watch complication and a widget on your home screen. You can also set up optional alerts to notify you when your device’s battery levels drop below a pre-defined level. This is generous to a fault. If you find the app useful, you might consider purchasing the $2.99/PS2.99/AU$4.49 IAP. This removes the single ad on the screen and allows you to customize the widget.


Buddywatch is your watch face stylist. While you can spend hours creating Apple Watch faces from scratch, it is much easier to share these designs with others.

In-app will give you a directory that you can scroll through and add faces to your collection if you sign up. You can find your favorite and download it to your phone. Then, with just a few taps, it will be sent to your Apple Watch.

All of this information is available online at Buddy watch. But, having an easy-to-use app that allows you to instantly apply hundreds of Apple Watch faces takes it to the next level.

Oh, Bother!

Oh, Bother is a solution for those who live or work in shared spaces and want to avoid being disturbed.

After choosing a username and icon, you set your status (bother able/unalterable), context (such as “I’m on a phone call” or “I’m taking a nap”), and the duration of said status. These details can be shared with others via Messages.

Status changes were visible on the screens of other users within seconds during testing. The best thing about the app is its approachability – it’s a friendly way of setting boundaries. It is tied to iPhone, which is the only problem. Although it works well on iPad, there is no Android version. It’s still a great deal if you live with or work with many iPhone owners.

Launcher with Multiple widgets can be used to launch many different things quickly. You can launch apps from it, such as emailing, running a Shortcuts workflow, or opening a website.

It’s easy to set up. The launcher allows you to quickly create and organize your launchers. These launchers can be easily updated as you discover which shortcuts are more efficient and help you save time.

This, plus iCloud backups and restores of your widgets, is completely free. There is also a paid tier that allows you to configure up to six widgets. Each one can be usefully hidden or shown based on where you are located or what time it is.


Agenda combines a task manager and a notepad – perfect for people who like to organize their thoughts and ideas on paper.

Notes can be linked to Calendar, Reminders and can be grouped into projects. Attachments allow for additional contexts such as scans, office documents, and photos. You can quickly see the past, present, and future by adding to timeline views.

For $9.99/PS9.99/AU$14.99, you can unlock Agenda’s premium features. These features enhance integration with Calendar, Reminders, allow you to pin notes, and offer formatting options. Even if the app is free, it is great if you use notes on your iPhone a lot and want them to do more.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro offers a lot of overlap with the home screen and Apple’s Siri Shortcuts. It can be described as a “speed dial for applications” by its creator. You can place buttons on each spot to launch apps or group buttons that you hold down to access another level of shortcuts.

You can trigger specific actions with some apps by using deeper links. You can also set what is included on the home screen and the Launch Center Pro widget. This will allow you to launch faster outside of the app.

There are limitations: there is a limit on actions, no location triggers, and no schedule. These limitations can be removed by IAP. You can increase the power of your launch digit even if it’s free.


A new twist on shared shopping lists You can make a simple shared text-based shopping list in Reminders. But Bring! You should choose large buttons with icons. These buttons are easier to see in busy supermarkets with toddlers and baskets on their arms.

Many other smart things are going on. Items have color-coded rings that change from orange to green when they are getting close to expiration. You can add notes or a photograph to items that you need very specific.

You can also use pre-made messages to let everyone know that you have made changes to a shared list (for example, at work).


Shortcuts are Apple’s redesign of the popular Workflow app. It automates common tasks and streamlines your day.

These apps have a reputation for being difficult to use and geeky. Shortcuts, however, is the friendly face in automation. There are many pre-made workflows that you can download from the Gallery view. These actions include calculating tips, calculating how long it will take before you get home, and logging aspects of your daily routine.

You can add actions to your Home screen by adding pseudo-apps. They can also be triggered using Today view or Siri voice commands.

An editing view is available to create a completely custom experience. Existing downloads can be modified or you can start from scratch by adding actions via a drag-and-drop interface. This works especially well on iPhone Plus models and iPhone XS Max in landscape mode, using an iPad-like dual-pane interface.


Meteor, an internet speed test for humans, is designed to measure your internet speed. It does away with complex information, including advertising, and instead presents you with simple buttons and readouts.

The app opens with a welcoming ‘Start Testing” button. It then checks your internet connection’s performance and displays a meteor animation on-screen. After the tests are completed, speeds are scored and can be accessed from the History tab.

Meteor can also estimate how well your connection will perform with popular apps and game applications. Six of these can be added to an “app performance” bar. Although these values are to be taken with caution, this freebie is still a great way to check your internet connectivity.


Apple’s preloaded Clock app offers a very serviceable timer, but only one countdown is available at a given time. MultiTimer allows you to set up multiple timers at once, just like its name suggests.

Six timers are already installed when you launch the app. Each timer has a unique color, name, and icon. Tap on a timer to start it, tap again for pause, and double-tap to reset. Easy. You can open the options menu by long pressing.

There are many preferences you can explore, including the ability to adjust your default workspace. You can also purchase the MultiTimer Pro IAP for $4.99/AU$7.99 and get additional workspaces or a custom layout.


Tinycards is a game-like language-learning app by Duolingo. This flashcard set is designed to help people memorize any topic using friendly flashcards.

Duolingo offers many sets that are based on language, geography, and history. Smartly though, anyone can publish and create a set. This has resulted in hundreds of decks on a variety of topics, including retro computing to renaissance arts.

The memory part is based on minutes-long drills. The app presents you with cards and details that you need to remember. It then challenges your memory by asking for answers or multiple-choice questions.

A handy ‘I was correct’ button was used to address some of the early problems with typos or abbreviations. It’s okay to not press it if you don’t know the answer.


Cheatsheet aims to give you quick access to small bits of information that you may not remember but is important: your hotel room number, car’s number plate, and Wi-Fi passwords. Or, if you feel retro, the Konami Code.

It is very easy to set up. You can add cheats to the app by clicking on an icon and then entering your information nugget. Once you have a few ‘cheats,’ you can arrange them as you wish. The entire list can be displayed on an Apple Watch or the Today widget once you are done.

Cheatsheet offers some great features at a discounted $2.99/PS2.99/AU$4.49 pro’ upgrade. This includes a custom keyboard and an action extension. Some icons can also be saved. The free version is still very useful and can be used to make great use of the Today view on the phone.


It is a constant theme that coding is vital for the future of all things. It doesn’t matter if code is as confusing to you like some exotic foreign languages.

Lrn aims to ease you in. You will gradually build confidence in a variety of languages through friendly copy and simple quizzes.

You can get HTML and CSS courses for free. Also, introductions to JavaScript and Ruby are included. You can complete any course for $2.99/PS2.99/AU$4.49; but even if you don’t pay anything at all, you’ll get a lot out of this app if you have an interest in coding but don’t know where to start.

Vert S

According to Vert, the ‘S” in is for speed. The app is an efficient version of the Vert unit convertor.

Vert S prefers immediate access to information. The older app required you to browse through huge categories lists for you to choose what you needed. Although there is a search function, the core of the app is a Favorites page. This page contains commonly used conversions.

Tap one to enter a basic calculator. This will allow you to convert between the two units you have selected. You can quickly switch by tapping on the Vert button. Note that currencies are subject to an IAP paywall of $2.99/PS2.99/AU$4.49 if you are a ‘Vert Pro’, but other units can be converted for free.

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