DEWALT DCST920B String Trimmer Review

We all love Dewalt tools, they make one of the best weed eaters; the brand has produced some of the best technical tools used today. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the weed whackers the brand has made – the Dewalt DCST920B.

You might be considering purchasing this product but not sure if it has what you are looking for. The product features will help you determine that.

DEWALT DCST920B  Features


DEWALT DCST920B reviewsDewalt uses the yellow and black color on the major of its products with this trimmer included. It has a handle, shaft and a head, measuring a little above 35 inches in height.

The height is not adjustable; you might not be comfortable using this weed whacker if you are a short person. However, the angle of the handle can be adjusted to multiple positions. You do need to assemble it after purchase but it is not difficult at all, you just need to connect the two pieces the product comes in.


The trimming results you get from this weed whacker is really impressive. Its 13 inch cutting swath is enough to handle your trimmer tasks and the 0.080 inch dual line with bump feed ensures constant line feeding. You have the option to set the cutting speed to either high or low as it has variable speed control trigger.


It is possible to use this weed whacker as an edger, you just need to turn the trimmer head. However, it can be a bit challenging and I would not recommend this if your main reason of getting a weed whacker is for edging.


This is a battery powered trimmer so it gets it power from a battery. However, there is no battery included when you buy the trimmer, if you are ever getting it you have to buy a battery separate and a charger as well unless you have them already.

The trimmer uses are 5.0Ah batteryDCB205 with 20 volts maximum; it is produced by Dewalt as well. Dewalt chargers are the recommended chargers for the battery, a 20 volts charger will do. The battery runtime is impressive; you get up to 30minutes on high speed and about an hour on low speed.


The Dewalt DCST920B weighs about 12 pounds, it’s a bit heavy but not too bad for a battery powered string trimmer. Carrying it around to trim your yard won’t be too much of a weight and it cuts fast so you’ll be done in no time.


  • Wide cutting swath
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Variable speed settings


  • Height not adjustable
  • No battery included
  • No charger included
  • A bit heavy
  • High cost


Should you buy this weed whacker? It depends on what you want. It would work very well for trimmer but not as well for edging. As a bare tool, you have to purchase some of its other accessories that it why it does not come with battery nor charger.

The price is a bit on the high side, if you have the money, you can go for it.

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