Choose SDK For Your Ebook Reader

We’re currently living in a digital period. All you have to do is to download a reader program to be in a position to relish reading your novels.

Among the selections, epub is just one of the formats that are trusted and very widely used.

If it comes to building these customized e-pub platforms, the industry now provides several epub reader SDK programs that you are able to pick from.

SDK or An application development program is a pair of programs that offer a programmer with the capability to construct customized programs that can be connected to some other application or be inserted on. SDKs enable programmers to come up with custom eBook apps.

Picking the program improvement tool or SDK will be the primary step towards establishing a fantastic program. To assist you started, here we list the eBook SDK readers that encourage other and epub document formats down.


Here are some attributes provided by KITABOO SDK-

It enables one to increase various interactive characteristics such as videos, sound, pictures, and much more to produce your eBooks more engaging.
This material generated using KITABOO SDK can be obtained on all significant operating systems.

KITABOO SDK can help you design and send digital content harmonious to multiple devices like tablets tablet computers or PCs.

Provides many different functionalities in eBooks for example an interface that is refreshing, text highlight, and search text, publication download capability, offline scanning style, annotation tools, and much more.

Following is a video to help you through this Kitaboo ebook founder and just how exactly to generate a really interactive ebook with Kitaboo.

The Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) is actually Adobe’s tool kit to encourage e-pub along with PDF articles for different e-reading programs and apparatus.

It supports a wide selection of scanning functionalities.
Adobe reader SDK forces dedicated e-readers for example Kobo, Nook, Bookeen along also a lot of other habit e-reading programs on i-OS and Android.

Aside from encouraging reflowable epub material, RMSDK additionally supports PDF reflow, allowing users to resize text-oriented documents for superior readability on small displays.

RMSDK supports a variety of languages and character sets together side right-to-left (R2L) and also mixed-direction design support for Hebrew and Arabic.

How to Automate PDF into ePub3 Conversion

SkyePUB is just one of the e pub SDKs which contains purposes to create a e pub reader that is highly effective to get habit eBook production on Android and i-OS.

Simplifies both reflowable and mended design.

In the event of a reflowable design epub, each chapter heaps separately and can be paginated in accordance with the font size, screen resolution, and size.

Features caching unlimited and function zoom in/out for mended design type of e-pub.

Acutely light but potent engine.

Supports dynamic content centered on CSS3, HTML-5, and JavaScript to create the publication appear real and natural.

Offers other purposes to modify the font, colors, and correct the line along with distance.


EPUBear is an accessible and extremely lightweight e pub SDK for habit voucher creation.

Here’s a listing of attributes provided by epuBear SDK-

Provides full compatibility with both ePUB2 and semi-automatic compatibility with ePUB3.

Lets you learn the e-pub record from the memory and file
provides world wide language service
offers various purposes like text investigation, an open connection, bookmarks, shifting of text color, sound and video service, custom fonts, and start image in a different window plus more.

Cloud shelf SDK

For Windows, i-OS along with Android apparatus, Cloudshelf SDK supports different formats and e-pub. It’s a method for adding service to Android programs along with i-OS.

Easy-to-implement frame with platform-native APIs to allow it to be an easy task to add e-reader features to some mobile program.

Cloud shelf SDK delivers high-level e-pub processing together side plug-and-play grip for eBooks.

Supports content centered on augmented reality which may be found from within novels and also other digital books.

Readium SDK

Readium SDK is a compatible application that’s totally optimized for used in programs such as tablet computers along with other devices that are smart.

Listed below are your listing of additional attributes Presented by Readium SDK-

Readium SDK is composed in cross C++ along with JavaScript code.
The BSD-type permit of Readium enables the use with the SDK in both available and closed-source at no cost.

The SDK is intended to be united with the contemporary browser manufacturing engines and also a platform-specific code to help make an e-pub compliant program.

It’s been contained in a number of e-reading software on both the i-OS along with Android including Aldiko along with Bookari e-reader among some the many others.


Colibrio Reader can be an innovative studying system SDK assembled on the web platform that is modern. Colibri SDK has been designed to encourage also the publishing formats and both upcoming standards.

Listed below is the listing of attributes provided by Colibrio SDK-

The programmer API of all Colibrio readers makes it possible for users to expand and configure various areas of the frame to match their software like DRM services, user authentication, and user-friendly interface.

The SDK has been intended to be highly flexible with the convenience of tackling various novel formats for example e-pub and PDF.

It’s produced to increase reader experience by emphasizing maintaining initial formatting and also the visual kind of writers and publishers.

Sqribble SDK

Sqribble is just actually really a tool that lets you make customized made eBooks of quality saving you a fantastic deal of time and dollars.

The here read more the listing of attributes provided by Sqribble SDK-

Together Using Sqribble SDK, you are able to make interactive other novels that create your digital epub novels feel and look like real novels.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK can be just actually really a tool well suited for creating programs for background, mobile phones, and different apparatus with only 1 signal base.

Listed below is the listing of attributes provided by Corona SDK-

Corona SDK is a free to use cross-platform program development tool that’s very good for high quality images on your eBooks.
It arouses your eBooks for much greater performance.

The application lets you accelerate your programming process and save changes, and also watch that the outcome on real apparatus immediately.

With a sea of choices deciding on the reader that is a very ideal epub may be a daunting endeavor. All these SDKs have functionalities and characteristics.

This guide can allow you to find out the reader SDK to meet the requirements. Contemplate prior to making your option, all the qualities to spot the distinguishing factors between brands. Or your assistance with an SDK presentation and might reach out to us.

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